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No Limit 16.40 FB

The No Limit 1640FB has been built from aluminium and has been specifically developed for realising extra high speeds. The top speed is approximately 32 knots.

The drive of this No Limit 1640FB is equipped with the Volvo IPS 900 system. This drive technology has been specifically developed for fast motor yachts and is incredibly easy to operate and very manoeuvrable.

Manoeuvring this ship is even easier than the No Limit ships with the standard propeller drive. The ship can be operated with 1 joystick, with which you’ll have the entire ship under control. The No Limit 1640FB has a large flybridge which offers excellent views and which can accommodate several people.

Plus the 1640FB is equipped with every possible comfort and convenience, just like the other No Limit models. This also makes the ship very suitable for a longer stay on board.

The tube, the shape of the hull and the high top speed have made the ship extremely seaworthy and will also result in a comfortable and safe feeling during less pleasant weather conditions.

There are hardly any conditions in which a No Limit can’t sail. The No Limit is not only suitable for big bodies of water. The No Limit is also extremely suitable for sailing on inland waters due to the vessel’s overall height and shallow draft.


  • Seaworthy
  • Suitable for long journeys
  • Rugged appearance, hull shape and tube
  • Aluminium, light weight
  • Very high speeds
  • CE-A certified, safe in all conditions
Length16.40 m
Width5.26 m
Draft1.35 m
Main engine2x Volvo Penta IPS 900
Cruise speed12 knots as a displacement vessel
Max speed32 knots
Fuel tank3400 litres
Drinking water tank1000 litres
Waste water tank400 litres
Water displacement22 ton

Two six-cylinder Volvo Penta engines with a Volvo Penta IPS 900 drive system are fitted in the engine compartment, which is accessible from the outside, as standard.

These engines are reliable and relatively economical due to the electronically controlled fuel injection.

The use of two engines not only facilitates manoeuvring, but also serves as extra security for longer trips.

The No Limit’s consumption levels are roughly equivalent to a single-engine cruiser of approximately the same dimensions when sailing at cruising speed. This is due to the very low load of the relatively heavy engines at average cruising speeds.

The No Limit 1640FB has no separate rudders, as the steering of the ship is controlled by the IPS system.

The engines are equipped with a dual fuel system, which can be switched in the event of an emergency.

The two engines make manoeuvring a No Limit child's play. The ship is also easy to sail alone, partly as a result of this.


No Limit Ships have a critical view where preserving a ship is concerned.

We use a top quality preservation system with two components. The ship is completely blasted again before the first primer treatment, in order to obtain the perfect adhesion. This is the best basis for realising a top quality preservation system.

An epoxy coating is applied to the inside and outside of the entire ship, after which it’s given a completely smooth and round finish with epoxy filler which is strong and permanently elastic.

The preservation process is completed with an epoxy coating, after which everything is given a smooth finish with a wear-resistant and UV-resistant lacquer.

The ship is built from seawater-resistant aluminium. This makes preserving the inside of the ship unnecessary.

The decks are provided with a wear-resistant anti-slip coating to prevent slipping on the walking surfaces.

The interior is treated with a top quality two-component lacquer and finished off with a one-component lacquer.


The No Limit is equipped with the latest innovations and developments. It comes with a complete navigation package as standard. The No Limit can also be controlled from the flybridge behind the wheelhouse and can be fitted in line with the customer’s wishes.

The ship is equipped with an automatic whisper-quiet generator as standard. There’s an automatic fire extinguishing system in the engine compartment.

We use the user-friendly "EmpirBus" system. A highly reliable operating system which can be programmed in line with your exact requirements.

A very complete ship like a No Limit’s conventional technology would usually be equipped with large switch panels for operating everything on the ship. This is complicated and difficult for many people.

This is a thing of the past with No Limit Ships and the entire ship is easy to operate for anyone thanks to the operating system used. For example, the No Limit has a number of standard push buttons, such as an “on board” mode, “navigation” mode and “off board” mode. Everything you need is automatically operated with the mere press of a button.

“Why do things the hard way” is an appropriate expression here.

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