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BS 8.80

The Blauwe Stad 8.80 is a luxurious touring tug with manageable dimensions, in which authentic lines have been combined with modern comfort. The Blauwe Stad 8.80 will allow you to enjoy a beautiful stroll across the water. The cockpit boasts spacious seats, offering plentiful and comfortable seating for several guests.

The ship offers more than just touring on a beautiful summer’s day. There’s also a cosy indoor area where you can spend time and enjoy yourself with your guests when it starts to cool down in the evening. 

Have you developed a taste for life on the water and would you like to stay away for a little bit longer? Absolutely no problem, the ship is fully equipped with all possible modern conveniences. Lowering the table will allow you to turn the seating area into a comfortable bed for two people.


  • Classic lines based on a pusher’s lines
  • Whisper quiet diesel engine with low fuel consumption
  • Large sailing area due to the dimensions, combined with a shallow draft and low clearance height
  • Ce-C certified
Length8.80 m
Width2.80 m
Draft0.65 cm
Standing height1.75 m
Vertical clearance1.65 m adjustment to 1.50 m possible
Main engineLombardini 40 HP 4-cylinder diesel
Cruise speed10 km
Max speed12.5 km
Fuel tank90 litres
Drinking water tank90 litres
Waste water tank40 litres
Water displacement5,5 ton

A Lombardini LDW1404M 40 HP four-cylinder diesel engine is fitted in the easily accessible engine compartment under the cockpit as standard. This is a compact diesel engine with high levels of efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Easy access for service and maintenance work has been taken into account in all respects during installation. The engine drives a water-lubricated stainless steel propeller shaft with a bronze 3-blade propeller via a robust flexible coupling.

Extra attention has also been devoted to noise control. The noise level is so low that you wouldn’t expect the ship to be running with a diesel engine. This certainly gives an extra dimension to sailing with a Blauwe Stad!


No Limit Ships have a critical view where preserving a ship is concerned. We use a top quality preservation system with two components.

Our ships are built from blasted steel. An epoxy coating is applied to the inside and outside of the entire ship, after which it’s given a completely smooth and round finish with epoxy filler which is strong and permanently elastic.

This is sealed with an epoxy coating. Everything is given a smooth finish with a wear-resistant and UV-resistant lacquer.

The internal, sensitive areas, like the bilge and cockpit benches are given an extra hard, smooth, durable and easy-to-clean epoxy coating.

The decks are provided with an anti-slip coating. This coating is extra wear-resistant and prevents slipping on the walking surfaces.

The cockpit seats and cockpit floor are fitted with Flexiteek as standard. This is a durable plastic product which looks like real teak. Flexiteek is easy to keep clean, wear-resistant and anti-slip.

The interior is treated with a top quality two-component lacquer and finished off with a one-component lacquer.


No Limit Ships keeps a close eye on new technical innovations and therefore constantly manages to continue to innovate and renew its products.

A great deal of attention has been devoted to technology. Here the shipyard’s sober mentality is evident once again; there are never any compromises where quality is concerned, it simply has to be good! We only use the very best installation components.

This is evident in absolutely everything. For example, an isolation transformer is installed as standard in a 240-volt installation. This guarantees a safe system and protection against electrolysis.

The battery for the on-board network and the starter battery are arranged and charged separately.

All tanks are made from stainless steel and therefore require no maintenance.

Construction method

The Blauwe Stad’s construction method is very progressive. That’s because the ship is built in two parts. This has already been a common method in polyester construction for some time. But, for as far as we know, this has never been seen in steel construction before.

This innovative construction method has several advantages. For example, it makes the interior construction, which completely takes place outside of the ship, and the installation of the entire ship simpler and therefore enormously time-saving.

This production method also raises the quality of the entire product up to a much higher level compared to the traditional construction of these types of ships.

This already starts with the preservation. All nooks and crannies are easily accessible for the preservation process, making sure everything is 100% guaranteed preserved. • The easy and effective access means the installation can be finished to a very high quality level, also with consideration for the fact that the entire technology remains accessible for possible later maintenance.

This allows us to build a classic lined ship of excellent quality at a competitive price.

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